Miniature Schnauzer training needs to begin as soon as you bring your dog home. Housebreaking and socializing come first, but this must soon be followed by obedience training.

Miniature Schnauzers are extremely intelligent and can be willful if they are not given persistent training. Therefore, it is mandatory that these dogs are taken to obedience training and taught control.

Once you have effectively mastered basic Miniature Schnauzer training you will discover just how obedient your dog is. In fact, because the Schnauzer is prized for his intelligence, it is not uncommon for many owners to train their dog for the show ring.

If you are considering teaching your dog some show commands, the following is a good command you can try to start: “Stand”

Stand is a Miniature Schnauzer training command that is needed in the show ring. You will find that it can also be quite a useful command when you bathe him and for general purposes around the home and outside.

To begin the training process, have your Schnauzer on a leash and have him sit on your left. Tell your dog to “Stand” and give his leash a forward pull with your right hand. At the same time, move your left foot forward. As soon as your Miniature Schnauzer stands, praise him and give him a treat.

Continue to repeat this Miniature Schnauzer training until your dog associates “Stand” with standing, and will perform this maneuver on vocal command.

Finally, keep in mind that when your dog is performing in the show ring, he is required to stand while he is being physically inspected all over by the judge. Therefore, once your dog has successfully mastered “Stand”, it’s a good idea to get him used to being touched while he is in this stand still position. Have another family member touch your dog on his face (nose, muzzle, teeth, lips), legs, body and tail as he stands. This will get him used to the feeling and prepare him for the judge.