The goal of a Miniature Schnauzer rescue is to find the unwanted dogs they save a new, loving home. But what happens to the dogs that aren’t so lucky to be adopted?

Unlike some shelters, a Miniature Schnauzer Rescue does not euthanize these dogs. Instead they keep them until it is time for the dog to leave this Earth. They also never stop trying to find these dogs homes.

However, that being said, you should know that most dog rescues will not usually accept dogs that will be difficult to adopt. Understand this doesn’t mean a Miniature Schnauzer rescue will only take in dogs that are youthful and healthy. They will usually take in just about any dog regardless of their age as long as they don’t have the following issues:

  • Final stages of a terminal illness – If a dog is near death, a rescue will not accept this dog as he or she will be next to impossible to adopt as the dog has a serious health condition and it is only a matter of time before they die.
  • History of serious aggression towards people – If a dog has ever wounded a person and the injury was bad enough to require stitches, the Miniature Schnauzer rescue will not want to take this dog as he or she will not be adoptable for reasons concerning legal liability.
  • Dogs that are extremely timid and insecure – If a dog will not approach a Miniature Schnauzer rescue evaluator within 10 minutes, it is highly unlikely that this dog will ever adjust to a new home. Furthermore, it will be very difficult to show this dog to those interested in adopting.
  • Dogs that attack at first contact – If a dog attempts to attack an evaluator as soon as they see the individual, the rescue will not take a chance to try and rehabilitate this dog as it is likely to late.
  • Dogs who have questionable legal ownership – If the legal ownership of a lost dog is in question, a rescue will not take this dog and try to adopt it, as the legal owner may still try to reclaim the dog. It would be unfair to both the dog and the new owners if they were torn apart because of legalities.

Therefore, as you can see, a Miniature Schnauzer rescue doesn’t just take in every dog they come across. They won’t euthanize the dogs in their care, but they don’t have the capacity to save every dog. They must be realistic and do their best to help as many dogs as they can.